Amrut "Double Cask"

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Amrut "Double Cask" was created by Duffer
Efter den store succés med blandt andet Amrut Fusion (blandt andet rated til 97 af Jim Murray) kommer Amrut Double Cask nu på markedet. Double Cask er aftappet fra de ældste fade som Amrut har på lageret.

"As usual the ‘Angels of Bangalore' were the real beneficiary. The total maturation loss or angel's share was a whopping 201 liters between the two casks. The total fill volume was 180 liters each. We are left with a paltry 159 liters in total for both the casks combined. In a percentage terms the total maturation loss was 59%! The alcohol strength on these casks went up from 62.5% to 69.8%. It is one of those special bottling from our distillery.

Nothing has been done against the nature. This is neither chi filtered nor coloured. Combining these two casks provided an ultimate balance and texture.

The key characters of this whisky are honey and vanilla custard combined with pepper and spicy oak on the nose with a hint of floral edge. On the palate it got a velvety texture, lots of citrus (orange) combined with natural caramel and spicy with pretty long finish.

To appreciate the texture and balance the casks are bottled at 46% abv and the total bottling is 306 bottles. This will go on to sale in Europe and Western Canada. The actual sale in Europe will commence in April 2010 and in Canada (Alberta and British Columbia) in June 2010"

Kilde Amrut

"A fool and his money are soon parted"

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Smagsnoter fra Serge:
Amrut 'Double Cask' (46%, OB, 306 bottles, 2010) Two casks that have matured for seven years in Bangalore and that consequently lost 59% of their content while the strength went up from 62.5% to almost 70%, as is almost always the case under hot and dry climates. Colour: gold. Nose: wow! Starts with vanilla and many ‘yellow' flowers, dandelions, buttercups and such, the whole being very fresh and superbly clean. Goes on with more fruits such as ripe apples and pears (yet it's not pearish), not too ripe bananas, maybe papayas, plum jam, freshly squeezed oranges"¦ I cannot not think of some fresh and fruity Balblairs here. Superb. Mouth: astonishingly expressive, wonderfully fruity and complex. More or less the same kinds of fruits as on the nose plus some cinnamon, a little ginger, a little lemon, a little melon, kiwi and just hints of icing sugar. The vanilla side is very elegant, not ‘technological' at all. This time I cannot not think of some old Bruichladdich such as the famous 1970 OB. Very, very impressive. Finish: rather long, with the same fruity notes and a clean and mildly spicy aftertaste. Comments: it is not impossible that this is the highest quality/age ratio I ever came across, but let's not forget that whisky matures very quickly under hot climates such as Bangalore's. Again, ‘wow!' SGP:741 - 91 points.
Kilde: Whiskyfun

"A fool and his money are soon parted"

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