Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection 1952

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I forbindelse med jubilæet af Queen Elizabeth II, kommer Gordon & MacPhail med en ny aftapning.
Aftapningen er en 70 år gammel Glen Grant fra et first fill sherry butt. Den er aftappet den 6. februar, sammen dato som dronningens tiltrædelse.

Ewen Mackintosh, Gordon & MacPhail Managing Director, siger: "It's an honour to release this exceptional single malt whisky to commemorate Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

"Last year, our release of the oldest whisky in the world – the Generations 80 Years Old from Glenlivet Distillery – saw Gordon & MacPhail provide a significant financial contribution to a charity partner, Trees for Life, to help fund its tree nursery. And this summer's Jubilee presents a natural opportunity to build on this commitment, aligning with Her Majesty's 'Green Canopy' initiative to provide a meaningful benefit for future generations."

Der er aftappet 256 flasker af denne 70 år gammel Glen Grant, produceret den 26. januar 1952 og aftappet ved 46%

Noter (Gordon & MacPhail):

Aroma: Notes of beeswax polish give way to honeyed ripe fig aromas, Toffee and orange zest. Aged leather complements rum and raisin.

Taste: Stewed blackberry compote, sweet clementine and milk chocolate flavours are followed by dried tobacco leaf and a menthol undertone.

Finish: A long finish with a touch of smoke and a hint of pepper.

Pris: £20000,00

Kilde: Gordon & MacPhail

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