Redbreast Dream Cask - Double Cask Edition

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Den femte aftapning i serien Dream Cask er nu kommet. Denne afatpning er stykket sammen af to fade og har derfor fået navnet Double Cask.

Det ene fad er udvalgt af Master Blender Billy Leighton, og er et first fill oloroso sherry butt fra maj 1990. Det andet fad er udvalgt af Blender David McCabe og er et first fill bourbon barrel fra november 1991.

Noter (Redbreast):

Nose: A rich and complex balance of aromas. A suggestion of dried herbs and earthy tones combines with hints of worn leather, antique furniture, anise, hazelnut and tobacco. Autumnal fruits, black cherry and cassis build in perfect harmony with oak and sherry wine influences.

Taste: Luscious and full with warming spices and soft tannins at first. Notes of dark roasted coffee, honey, menthol and sweet liquorice follow, complementing the pot still spices. Orange peel and smoked almonds add their own unique and subtle touch.

Finish: Long and satisfyingly rich with the precise balance of fruits, spices and oak lingering until the very end.

Der er kommet 714 flasker ud af de to flasker aftappet ved fastyrke på 56,9%

Pris: €550 (0,5L)

4. aftapning - Dream Cask Oloroso

Kilde: Redbreast

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