Glengoyne Legacy Series: Chapter 3

Aftapningen Chapter 3 er inspireret af Sir Arthur John Tedder – The Exciseman, der var udstationeret hos Glengoyne.

Den 2. marts 1908 var han vidne til:

Royal Commission on Whiskey and other potable spirits. A royal commission to determine the very concept of what whisky was.

On one side was the purists who only thought Pot Still whisky was whisky and on the other side Blenders who thought grain and malt whisky combined was whisky.

The Scots and the blenders won the day after 37 sittings; This was seen as the sensible outcome. Blends could still be called Whisky and called Scotch if distilled in Scotland.

Chapter 3 har ligget på american oak sherry casks og bourbon casks og aftappet ved 48%

Noter (Glengoyne):

Palate: On the palate, a rich luxurious body that’s satisfyingly chewy with warm boozy raisins combining with spiced buns slowly giving way to tarte tatin and smooth cream sherry.

Nose: On the nose, signature Glengoyne deep sherry notes which accompany our distinctive cinnamon sticks and vanilla aromas.  A very pleasing combination of mixed berry jam and apple strudel intertwine revealing some pear.

Finish: The finish is light and fruity, which deepens with hints of pineapple, dried fruits, dark chocolate and lingering spice finish are the aromatic ‘legacy’ of this wonderful dram before you reach for the bottle and go back for more.

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