Ardbeg Ardcore

I forbindelse med Ardbeg day den 4. juni, bliver Ardcore aftapningen frigivet.
Den kommer i to forskellige udgaver, Ardcore Limited Edition - 46.0% alc/vol og Ardcore Committee Exclusive - 50.1% alc/vol. Den sidste er for de der medlem af Ardbeg Committee.

Den er produceret på roasted black malt og aftapningen bliver beskrevet som “like biting on a spiky ball”.

Noter (Ardbeg):
Nose: Showing spicyness, Ardcore celebrates a veritable moshpit in the glass with nuances of marmite, charred toast and black chicory coffee. Like a safety pin in the nose, the typical Ardbeg herbal notes are present, while smoky notes of blazing campfire and molasses buzz in the background.

Palate: A stunningly spicy and fiery taste ignites with more rich and smoky flavours. Cocoa powder, dark chocolate, peanut toffee, smoked lime and hints of soot and campfire embers in unison. Anise and malt biscuits come to the fore and rivet through all taste buds.

Finish: All in all a sweet finish. Long-lasting notes of toffee, soot and smoke provide an anarchic, exquisite aftertaste.

Pris: Ca. €125,00

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