Lum Reek 10 yo Cask Strength Batch 1

Billy Walker der blandt andet står GlenAllachie, har i en længere periode udgivet whisky og rum under navnet MacNair’s.
Her findes en serie af blended whisky, kaldet Lum Reek.

Han kommer nu, som de andre steder han har været ansvarlig for, en 10 års Cask Strength Batch aftapning.
Lum Reek 10 CS er en blend af single malt whiskies fra Speyside og Islay.

"The aged whiskies were personally sourced by Walker before being blended together with GlenAllachie Single Malt. The spirit was then re-racked into specially selected Spanish Sherry casks, wine barriques and virgin oak casks for secondary maturation, allowing the whiskies to marry and additional characteristics to be attained from the wood. "

Billy Walker siger: “Without a doubt, the most fulfilling element of my role is blending and developing new recipes which enhance the taste experience of individual whiskies. MacNair’s Lum Reek allows me to think outside of the box and blend such a wide variety of Single Malts from across Scotland to achieve the profile I am looking for. ”

“Whilst I delight in blending GlenAllachie expressions, introducing other Single Malts into the mix is incredibly interesting and creates something really magical. Having won incredible awards for The GlenAllachie 10-year-old Cask Strength batch releases, including World’s Best Single Malt 2021, I was keen to explore this concept as a Blended Malt, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome. Expect an indulgent amalgamation of dark chocolate fondant, vanilla pods, stem ginger and citrus tones alongside puffs of peat smoke – delicious!”

Den 10 års cask strength aftapning er prissat til ca. £60,00 og er aftappet ved 55,4%

Noter (Billy Walker):
Colour: Rich Bronze.

Nose: Waves of smoke, heather honey and ginger, fusing with cinnamon, treacle and vanilla.

Taste: Lashings of dark chocolate, ginger and citrus, with smoked spices, plantains and tannins.

Kilde: MacNair’s

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