Benromach Peat Smoke Sherry Cask Matured

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Benromach Distillery i Speyside er kommet med en ny peated aftapning der har ligget på sherry fade.
Produceret i 2021, med et ppm på 55 og lagt på first-fill sherry hogsheads. Dette giver noter af "cinnamon and ginger aromas with rich dark chocolate and stewed red berry flavours. This leads to a full finish of peat smoke and sweetness."

Der frigivet 2000 flasker i UK af denneaftapning.

Distillery Manager hos Benromach, Keith Cruickshank siger: “This small batch vintage expression has been created in a style which is deliberately different to the subtle smokiness Benromach is well-known for. This is only the second time we’ve released a heavily sherried peat smoke expression and we’re very proud of its unique flavour profile. Although it is different from the first sherry matured peat smoke expression we released in March 2019, given the enthusiasm we received from whisky fans we expect this release to be very popular."

Kilde: Benromach


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