Johnnie Walker 50yo Masters' Edition

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Først som man her gik og troede at der ikke er flere gamle fade på de skotske destillerier, så kommer der nu en 50 års aftapning fra Johnnie Walker.
Lige som Chivas er der tale om en blended whisky der har fået navnet The John Walker Masters' Edition.

Masters’ Edition er stykket sammen af seks forskellige whiskyies, der alle er mindst 50 år gamle, hvilket har givet 100 flasker.

Johnnie Walker Global Brand Director John Williams siger: "Fifty year old whiskies are very rare. Whiskies of this age have incredible character but it takes great skill to reveal their flavour and then balance them so people can appreciate the end result. That’s where our Master Blender Jim Beveridge – one of only six in the history of Johnnie Walker – and his small team of exceptional whisky-makers come into their own as masters of their craft."

I John Walker Masters’ Edition er der blandt andet whisky fra Glen Albyn og Glenury Royal destillerierne der nu er lukket. Der ud over er der whisky fra Blair Athol og fra de tre grain destillerier Caledonian, Cambus og Port Dundas.

Johnnie Walker Master Blender Jim Beveridge siger: "Each drop of this whisky has been hand-selected from some of the most valuable and precious casks of malt and grain whiskies to be found in our reserves.

About 20 years ago, Johnnie Walker blenders recognised that these individual whiskies were very special and the decision was made to put them aside for special use, allowing each of them to continue to mature in their casks, knowing that, in time, something even more remarkable would emerge. Our goal was to pay tribute to the whisky masters who worked with these whiskies such a long time ago and, with the creation of The Masters’ Edition, I believe we’ve done that."

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