Glen Scotia Single Cask No. 857

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Hvis du kommer forbi Edinburgh Airport, så har du mulighed for at købe en 26 år gammel single cask aftapning fra Glen Scotia. De 204 flasker der er kommet ud af Cask No. 857 kan kun købes i Edinburgh Airport.

Cask No. 857 er destilleret i april 1991 of aftappet i august 2017 ved fadstyrke på 56,5%.

André de Almeida, managing director of Global Travel Retail hos Loch Lomond Group, sige: “We’re pleased to have created the Glen Scotia Single Cask No. 857 in partnership with Edinburgh Airport and World Duty Free. It is a true showcase of the distinctive character and craftsmanship offered by our GlenScotia distillery in Campbeltown, one of Scotland’s five Scotch whisky producing regions.

“Single cask bottlings are very special and are only undertaken with select partners. Edinburgh Airport and World Duty Free now have something unique to offer to their customers and I hope travellers visiting Scotland will enjoy discovering both our Glen Scotia Single Cask Scotch whisky and the maritime influence of Campbeltown.”

Offers layers of “honey and brown sugar with juicy pineapple and tangy orange peel”.


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