BenRiach Moscatel Wood Finish 22 år.

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I dag kommer BenRiach med en 22 års aftapning der er afsluttet på Moscatel fad. "This Single Malt Scotch Whisky offers notes of dark orange marmalade, cocoa and spiced honey."

Den har først ligget på American bourbon barrels inden den er afsluttet i Moscatel wine casks fra Portugal og Spanien. Aftapningen er ikke koldfiltreret eller tilsat farve og er aftappet ved 46% alc.

Sales Director Alistair Walker udtaler: “Moscatel is a sweet fortified wine, hailing from Portugal and Spain, which adds a buttery-soft, spicy and fruity dimension to the whisky. The result is a superlative malt in the classic BenRiach style. It is lusciously rich, velvety and full-flavoured, delivering superb dried fruit and honeyed sweetness, like a good apple crumble.”

Noter (BenRiach):
Colour: Rich gold mahogany.

Nose: A full, sumptuous nose consisting of dark orange marmalade, rich fig syrup and sweet dates. A dusting of cocoa and cinnamon followed by a gentle hint of garden mint adds a luxurious character.

Palate: Rich, velvety dark chocolate fondant topped with glazed maraschino cherries develops to plum cordial and spiced honey. The long finish is rounded with a gentle, earthy balance of nutmeg, stewed barley and old vintage leather.

Finish: A rich body laden with dark Mediterranean fruits and a complementary balance of warm spices and delicate oak characters.

Kilde: BenRiach
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