Compass Box Circus

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I april måned kom Compass Box med en ny blended malt der har fået navnet Circus

John Glaser udtaler: "I have a longstanding belief that there is a magic to certain combinations of Scotch whisky. Such blends – like the very best of circuses – have the capacity to take us outside of ourselves for just a moment, to elevate the senses beyond the everyday and – following the sentiment of Charlie Chaplin’s immortal clown – to raise our eyes upwards to consider horizons new."

"Such is the case with this whisky, for which we were lucky enough to uncover that rarest of finds – old parcels of Blended Scotch and Blended Grain whisky that had been aged pre-blended in cask for many years.  In such parcels, what you get are whisky blends so seamless, so complex that they function for us as single components."

Der er kommet 2490 flasker af denne aftapning, aftappet ved 49% alc.

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