Raymonds egne Bladnoch aftapninger

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Gauntley har smagt på Raymond Armstrongs egne aftapninger;

Bladnoch New Make 71.4%
Slightly oily on the nose with that obvious new make cereal character. It's incredibly clean with a slight discernable fruitiness and only a touch of the marc-like rose petal notes that I was looking for. Given some time a touch of perfume and an earthy note becomes apparent. Initially it is quiet sweet, again with the cereal/ biscuity flavours evident. Like the nose it is exceptionally clean and there is a touch of rose petals, and obviously a lot of alcohol. A drop of water now makes the marc-like rose petals a lot more noticeable. It also emphasises its sweetness and perfumed note. On the palate it makes it a touch more citrus in character with some coffee and yet again more of the marc=like character. Actually it is very drinkable, rounded and with a lovely sweetness. Very long with cereal and straw after taste.

Bladnoch 6 year old Bourbon Matured 57.3%
This is extremely pale in colour. It must have been matured in a well used Bourbon cask as there is pretty much no wood influence whatsoever hence the nose opens with a lot of acetone and high notes. There is some grass and citrus but it is very young and spirity and consequently the marc-like rose petal character swamps any discernable lowland character. The palate is pretty much like the nose raw, alcoholic and marc-like with a bit of sweetness coming through on the finish. A drop of water makes the nose very greasy "“ wool fat and lanolin, extremely heavy on the congeners. On the palate it is much the same with a dunnagey, slightly botanical note on the finish.

Bladnoch 6 year old Lightly Peated 58.5%
This is darker in colour than the Bourbon matured, which would indicate that there is more wood influence here. It seems richer but still has some of that marc-like rose petal aromas amongst the light earthy-peat and smoke. Obviously the greater wood influence makes it appear more together, as there definitely a more noticeable vanilla character. It also seems a bit more oiler/ fatter. The palate is quiet oily and fat and very intense and dominated by its alcohol. The light peat and smoke are all present but the palate is a lot more evolved than the nose would suggest and there is definitely less of the marc-like notes. In fact there's a lovely buttery/ vanillery note. I definitely think it benefits from a drop of water, which brings out the sweetness, vanilla and gristy barley character, lengthening and leaving a lovely coal dust finish.

Bladnoch 6 year old Sherry Matured 56.9%
Very much darker and I would imagine that this was matured in a first fill butt. It's rich and crisp on the nose, exceptionally clean and creamy with sherry and coffee aromas. The marc-like rose petal notes stand up well to the cask and it has a lovely fresh, edgy feel to it along with a touch of menthol. The palate is superb, full of moist, rich fruit cake flavours, chocolate and raisins. The marc-like notes develop on the middle along with a straw and dunnage note also, The sherry returns with a chocolate drop vengeance adding roasted coffee bean notes and a slight violet note in the finish. A drop of water makes the nose a lot creamier the coffee and chocolate drops are set against a fabulous citrus background. It also brings out an orange blossom note as well. On the palate it pushes the sherry influence to the background allowing the marc-like rose petal notes to show fully. There are also some lovely dry, earthy, organic spices to compliment the wood tannins. It'll be intriguing to see how these casks evolve over time.

Check eventuelt; www.bladnoch.co.uk/acatalog/New_ ... lings.html

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