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En ny "teaspooned" aftapning kommer på markedet, denne gang fra Duncan Taylor. (set hos nmwl: www.nmwl.no/forum2/index.php?topic=6764.0 )

Læs mere på Royal Mile Whiskies:
www.royalmilewhiskies.com/produc ... 0000000552

" Why is there a bottling of 99% Ardbeg 18 Year Old and 1% 8 year old Speyside then?
Theory 1: Someone has vatted the mature Ardbeg with 8 year old Speyside. Why would you do this, as now not only can't it be sold as a single malt, it can only be sold as an 8 year old vatted malt? You've DOUBLE de-valued probably the most hyped and desirable whisky in the world. Perhaps it was Glenmorangie who, having just bought Ardbeg Distillery went through their stocks and found a batch of casks they thought were 'substandard'. They vatted it together and sold it off cheap to be done with it. But why choose an 8 year old Speyside? And we're told it's not even Glen Moray! This makes no sense.

Theory 2: A distiller has filled new make Speyside spirit into 10 year old Ardbeg. This means the product could not even be sold as whisky for another three years after this action of 'teaspooning' (as its known in the trade). This makes no sense.

Theory 3: Someone slipped on a banana skin and fell over and dropped a bottle of 8 year old Speyside into a cask of 18 year old Ardbeg. This makes no sense, because we just made it up because the whole thing is messing with our head. Plus, Duncan Taylor are doing a bottling of significant size so in reality it would have to have been a forklift slipping on a banana skin and dropping a cask into a big vat. Did we mention this makes no sense?

Conclusion: This makes no sense. Please stop e-mailing us, we know the whole thing seems a little nuts. But it exists, we are told the paperwork is sound and there is no reason to mis-trust it. Not only that but Mark (where most of this info comes from) says it tastes great.


Niels Ladefoged

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Replied by bdujgp on topic Teesponing?
Har lige været sammen med Mark for 2 timer siden - Hyggelig eftermiddag med 5-6 dramme hos Ærensgaard Vinhandel i Fredericia.

Jeg så etiketten til den nye Ardbeg og det er åbenbart noget der skal blive til en serie.

Da jeg spurgte til produktet, så kom der glimt i øjet på Mark og han antydede at "Teesponing" kun var til etiketten og ikke i indholdet. Om det passer er vist en forretningshemmelighed, men whiskyen skulle være fremragende :-)

Jørn - Fredericia

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