Wolfburn Kylver 9 Hagalaz

Den 9. aftapning i serien Kylver er på vej fra Wolfburn.
Aftapningen har ligget 7 år på first-fill dark rum barrel, dernæst viet med to first-fill bourbon barrels og er hermed også den første aftapning der har ligget på rum fade. Rum fadene blev fyldt i 2015.

"Wolfburn’s Kylver collectors’ series takes its name from the Kylver Stone. Unearthed in Sweden in 1903, it depicts the entire Viking runic alphabet: each whisky in the series is named after a different letter. The ninth letter, Hagalaz, translates as hail from the sky."

Der er aftappet 800 flasker af Hagalaz ved fadstyrke på 52,8%

Noter (Wolfburn):

Nose – Bright and bold, the flavours almost jump out of the glass. Coffee, chocolate and deep muscovado sugar aromas abound, overlaid with ripe dark fruit.

Palate – Mocha chocolate meets sumptuous sponge pudding. Richer flavours unfold over time; there’s spiced fruitcake and plums and black cherry, all presented with a beautiful creaminess.

Finish – Long, slow and smooth. Vanilla, cinnamon and soft oak smoke right to the end.

Pris: £93.74

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