Highland Park Cask Strength Release No. 2

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Cask Strength Release No. 1 havde hovedsageligt ligge på sherry fade af amerikansk eg. Til Cask Strenght No. 2 har Master Whisky Maker Gordon Motion udvalgt sherry fade af både europæisk og amerikansk eg, sammen med nogle få ex-bourbon casks. Dette giver noter af: summer rose, ripe pear and fresh coconut gathering on a wave of aromatic peat smoke, followed by a wild harmony of sweet and spicy flavours - poached pear and rich almond cake, a drizzle of cloudy honey and a twist of salty liquorice. There’s the suggestion of toasted oak and intriguing notes of orchard fruits, black pepper and sweet aniseed linger, in a satisfyingly long finish. In a word (or three) we call it ‘smoky peppered praline’.

CS2 er aftappet ved 63,9%

Pris: £60,00

Kilde: Highland Park

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