Bruichladdich Bere Barley 2011

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Som navnet antyder, så er denne aftapning produceret af bygsorten, Bere Barley.
Grundet det lave udbytte er det stort set kun på Orkney og Shetland at denne kornsort dyrkes.

Med hjælp fra Orkney College (UHI Agronomy Institute), så har Bruichladdich modtaget denne kornsort fra 6 marker på Orkney, Quoyberstane, Muddisdale, Weyland & Watersfield, Northfield og Westermill Fields.


Crops: 100% Bere barley grown and supplied by the Agronomy Institute of Orkney College (UHI) in 2010.
Malting: Unpeated.
Yeast strain: Mauri and Kerry.
Distillation: Distilled in 2011. Single vintage expression.
Maturation: Aged in first-fill American oak Ex-Bourbon Casks for 10 years – a mixture of Jim Beam, Jack Daniels and Clermont Springs.
Aged: 10 years.
Strength: 50% ABV.

Noter (Bruichladdich):

Nose – The nose opens with a bouquet of sunny floral aromas. Geraniums and orange blossom followed by mint and chocolate limes. Next comes malted barley, a citrus tang and apricot jam. There is a creamy richness on the nose; the combination of malty, fruity, citrus and floral notes wrapped in fresh oak is beautifully balanced and has tremendous depth of flavour.

Taste – On the palate, the delicate nature of this whisky is evident with light hints of chocolate, apricot jam and citrusy, herbal zephyrs. Yet, the texture shows robustness in its viscosity as it settles across the tongue. As it does so, the barley sugar opens up with chocolate lime and fudge. Dried banana chips, vanilla and marshmallow. Apricot jam, gooseberry pudding and malted bread. A host of flavours mingle and combine to give depth and delicacy to this dram.

Finish – On the finish, the marine freshness comes through. Salinity on the lips and a stiff sea breeze note speak of the northern islands where the Bere is grown, and the ozone and fruity character on the palate hint at the westerly location of the spirit’s birth and maturation. Barley sugar and green fruit come in on the palate and hold right to the end as the superb texture pulls everything together.

Character – In our 2010 vintage, there was a succulent peach note that set the tone of the dram. In this 2011, an equally delightful apricot jam style holds the whisky together. Both these notes come through in all Bruichladdich’s eventually as the young green fruit of the spirit ages into ripe stoned fruit, but rarely with such poise and singularity. There is something unique about the Bere spirit and its tremendous depth of flavour that magnifies our unpeated whisky’s DNA and showcases its complexity. Another remarkable vintage and exploration of provenance and terroir that shows not all barley is equal.

Pris: £75,00

Kilde: Bruichladdich

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