Talisker 43 Year Old Xpedition Oak

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Talisker kommer med en 43 års aftapning og er den første i en serie der hedder Xpedition Oak.
Denne aftapning har ligget på american oak i mere end 40 år inden den er afsluttet på fade, der stykket sammen af stave som var med over atlaten, da James Aiken roede de mere end 3000 miles.

Xpedition Oak 43yo er aftappet ved fadstyrke på 49,7% og de 10 fade har givet  1830 flasker af denne aftapning.

Noter (Talisker):
Nose : Mellow overall and slightly spicy, with a fruity top note of bruised apple and a smooth, aromatic hint of wax. Beneath these scents lie intriguing rich layers of aroma; notes of canvas and varnished wood mingle with maritime hints of sea-air and warm sand, all swirling above a faintly smoky and waxy base.

Palate : A smooth texture and a vibrant, juicy start introduce a sweet, rich, intensity with a fresh, balancing splash of ocean salt spray. The effect becomes lightly drying before Talisker’s peppery warmth envelops the palate. Mesmerising overall, it cascades with smooth, rich flavour and is excellent to drink neat.

Finish : Wonderfully long, with a considerable sweet chili-pepper warmth that suffuses the whole palate.

Pris: £3500

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