Glenfiddich Grande Couronne 26yo

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Glenfiddich er kommet med en 26 år gammel aftapning der har navnet Grande Couronne. Efter 24 år er den afsluttet på franske cognac fade i to år, hvilket skulle give noter af "layers of sweet tasted oak and velvety aromas of café crème, brown sugar and soft spice.."

Malt Master hos Glenfiddich, Brian Kinsman siger: "The Grand Series perfectly encapsulates Glenfiddich’s spirit of innovation and our ability to experiment with aged liquid and intriguing finishes. Grande Couronne is the latest to exemplify that approach.

It is the only Glenfiddich single malt that has matured in American and European oak casks and finished in rare French Cognac casks. The length of the finish, two years, is highly unusual and adds extra layers of sweet toasted oak and velvety aromas of café crème, brown sugar and soft spice."

Noter (Glenfiddich):

Nose: Vibrant and lively with an abundance of toasty oak sweetness. Reminiscent of a French pâtisserie, freshly-baked Tarte Tatin and buttery choux pastry.

Taste: Deep, velvety smooth and indulgently sweet. Café crème with soft brown sugar and a hint of spice.

Finish: Very long-lasting sweet oak.

Grande Couronne er aftappet ved 43,8%

Kilde: Glenfiddich

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