8 single cask aftapninger fra Daftmill + en summer release

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Seneste aftapning fra Daftmill er en 2009 Summer release.
Følgende fade er udvalgt til denne aftapning: 021/2009, 025/2009, 032/2009, 033/2009 og 044/2009
Det er 4 bourbon barrels og en oloroso butt. Dette giver 1875 flasker aftappe ved 46%

Noter (Daftmill):

The nose is initially quite shy, and this dram benefits from a little breathing time in the glass, those with patience are rewarded with a harmoniously balance of fresh tropical fruit reminiscent of mango and cola cubes with thicker aromas of dried figs and cigar boxes.  

The palate is wonderfully spicey giving notes of clootie dumpling and lemon zest developing into something smoother with toffee notes and Fraserburgh butteries.

The finish is exceptional with the ex-sherry casks really shining through and waves of fresh fiery gingerbread lingering. 

Herudover kom Daftmill sidste år med 8 single cask aftapninger. Udvalgte importører har fået deres egen single cask aftapning.

Aftapper og fad nummer / type er vist herunder:

Cask 036/2009 is an ex PX hogshead bottled for Berry Brothers & Rudd available now through a ballot at https://www.bbr.com/daftmill

Cask 029/2009 is an ex oloroso butt bottled for release in the UK. Should be available end Sept/beginning Oct

Cask 28/2009 is an ex oloroso butt bottled for La Maison du Whisky in France.

Cask 043/2007 is an ex bourbon barrel bottled for Abbey Whisky https://www.abbeywhisky.com/ available early Oct

Cask 037/2007 is an ex bourbon barrel bottled for Japan. Probably be December before it reaches there.

Cask 023/2007 is an ex bourbon barrel bottled for Kirsch Import Germany. available Sept/Oct

Cask 043/2006 is an ex bourbon barrel bottled for the Good Spirits Co. and our Malt Mate Ralfy. Available early Oct

Cask 035/2006 is an ex bourbon barrel bottled for The W Club available to members of The Whisky Shops W Club https://www.whiskyshop.com/club

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