Wolfburn Small Batch 204

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Denne small batch release har ligget på first-fill ex-bourbon barrels i fem år inden den er afsluttet i seks måneder på first-fill Madeira hogsheads.

Iain Kerr, Distillery Manager udtaler: “This small-batch project gives my team and me a chance to try new things. Madeira casks are a step in another direction; a chance to see how this type of wood and the Wolfburn spirit combine to make something new and, at times, unexpected.

“Adding sweetness and a change of impact to the initial ex-bourbon matured Wolfburn, it is a dram that I am sure will go down well this autumn.”

Noter (Wolfburn):
Nose: Rich desert-wine aromas are readily present, augmented by deep bourbon sweetness.

Palate: Sweet and full – give it time and a whole array of flavours unfurl. Gentle notes of burnt sugar lead the way, overlaid with hints of soft oak and vanilla tones. Hazelnut and gentle hints of orange are present too.

Finish:Sweet tones linger on the palate and gradually melt away, leaving a wee trace of honey and butterscotch at the very end.

Small Batch 204 er aftappet ved 46% og prissat til £64,00

Kilde: Wolfburn

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