Glenfarclas The Stillmen's Dram

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Sidste år aftappede Glenarclas en “Distillery Exclusives” udvalgt af assistant distillery manager Archie Jackson.
Distillery Exclusives er aftapninger som kun kan købes på destilleriet. På grund af COVID-19 har Glenfarclas besluttet at den nye aftapning bliver solgt igennem BI Wine and Spirits.

Til at udvælge dette års aftapning har de tre Stillmen hos Glenfarclas, Graham Stuart, Jimmy Nicol og John Munro udvalgt et fad.
Valget faldt på vask number 1446, en first fill sherry butt fra 2009, hvilket har givet 658 flasker, aftappet ved fadstyrke på 60,1% alc.

Jimmy Nicol siger, "I really enjoyed this rare opportunity to take part in the end of the process - usually our involvement is over as soon as the spirit goes in to the cask. What made it even better was the high probability that either myself or John had distilled the original spirit."

Prisen er £100 per flaske, hvor £10 går til den lokale Food Bank, Moray Food Plus.

Noter (BI Wine and Spirits):

This is a beautifully well-rounded dram. The nose compliments the effortless harmony between the Glenfarclas spirit and their mastery of the sherry cask. Notes of a baked apple and candied fruit bounce out of the glass and are complemented by notes toffee oak spice. Given a few moments in the glass, the nose develops and offers more of the sherry character we know and love with cinnamon spice and heather honey.

The palate is just as complex as the nose and pits that rich sweet fruit against the sherried oak spice. Both dance on the palate and are joined by that inherent power we expect from 2000s Glenfarclas. Altogether one does not overpower the other though and we are left with a long harmonious finish full of sherry goodness.

With a splash of water, the noses up and the candied nature of the fruit gives way to beautiful freshness. Notes of orchard fruit, some red apple, and hints of pear take centre stage, the cask now purely complementing the outstanding Glenfarclas spirit. Top marks!

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