GlenAllachie Wood Finishes Batch 2

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Den 7. maj 2020 afholder Billy Walker en online smagning hvor tre nye wood finishes er på programmet.
De tre aftapninger er en 9 års rye wood finish, en 11 års moscatel wood finish og en 11 års port wood finish.
Alle er aftappet ved 48%.

Batch 1 af wood finishes blev frigivet sidste år omkring samme tid

Den 9 års rye wood finish har ligget på amerikansk eg, inden det er flyttet over på Kentucky Rye casks.
"The different toasting and charring levels of these casks combined with the Rye maturation adds a rich and spicy twist to the classic GlenAllachie style."

Noter (GlenAllachie):

Nose: Cinnamon and nutmeg with waves of honey, treacle and orange peel.

Taste: Intense stewed spices enriched with honey, butterscotch, treacle, orange zest and hints of cloves.

Den 11 års moscatel wood finish har ligget på amerikansk eg i over 9 år inden det er flyttet over på moscatel barriques.
"The second maturation period enriches the flavour, creating a fruitier style of whisky with a very vivid and aromatic nose, typical of the muscat grape."

Noter (GlenAllachie):

Nose: Peaches and cinnamon balanced with heather honey and mocha.

Taste: A rich combination of heather honey, orange zest and peaches, with notes of cinnamon and mocha in the background.

Den 11 års port wood finish har også ligget på amerikansk eg i over 9 år inden det er flyttet over på ruby port wood pipes
"The secondary maturation develops the flavour, depth and complexity and adds a vibrant, rich colour. Regular monitoring ensures we achieve the perfect balance between port and malt whilst preserving the whisky characteristics."

Noter (GlenAllachie):

Nose: Waves of ripe fruit and sweet spice, with notes of dark chocolate and roses.

Taste: A fusion of plums, damsons, strawberries, rosehips and dark chocolate.

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