GlenAllachie wood finishes

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Der kommer nu 3 forskellige wood finish aftapninger fra GlenAllachie på henholdsvis 8, 10 og 12 år.
Den 8 års har været en tur forbi Koval Rye Quarter Casks, den 10 års er afsluttet på port fade, og den 12 års er afsluttet på Pedro Ximenez fade. Alle tre er aftappet ved 48%

Alistair Walker siger: "I’m incredibly excited to unveil this new range featuring GlenAllachie’s first-ever range of wood finishes. Wood management is something I’m very passionate about and we invest a substantial amount of time and money into sourcing exceptional casks from all around the world. I look for casks that will complement and enhance the GlenAllachie spirit, with the different woods making a greater, or sometimes subtle, influence, and taking us on a journey of new flavours."

"The rich golden Rye Quarter Cask delivers a hit of spice and cloves with classic GlenAllachie characteristics of honey and butterscotch, whereas the ruby red Port Pipe has a sweeter and fruitier flavour, with honey, damson and rose hips. Finally the Pedro Ximenez, deep rich mahogany in colour, delivers what the eye promises; raisins, sultanas, toffee and dark chocolate. With this first release you can see the impact that a quality and carefully chosen cask can have on our whisky, from the amazing array of colours to the intensity of flavours in the final whisky."

8 Year Old – Koval Rye Quarter Cask Wood Finish

Denne har først ligge på American oak wood barrels og er derefter flytte over på organic Rye quarter casks fra Chicago’s Koval Distillery.

Noter (GlenAllachie):
Colour – Rich Gold.
Nose – Full on rich spices, cinnamon and nutmeg, with waves of honey and butterscotch.
Taste – Intense sweet spices enriched with honey, butterscotch, cooking apples and cloves

10 Year Old – Port Wood Finish

Den 10 års har først ligget på American oak barrels inden den er blevet re-racked over på vintage Ruby Port wood pipes fra det nordlige Portugal.

Noter (GlenAllachie):
Colour – Red Ruby.
Nose – Waves of heather honey and sweet spice, laced with rose hip and dark chocolate.
Taste – A flood of heather honey, butterscotch and treacle, with damson, rose hip and dark chocolate.

12 Year Old – PX Sherry Wood Finish

Den 12 års har ligget 10 år på American oak wood barrels inden det er flyttet over på Pedro Ximenez puncheons.

Noter (GlenAllachie):
Colour – Rich Mahogany.
Nose – A storm of raisins, sultanas, dark chocolate, bananas and orange peel.
Taste – Brimming with fruit cake, dark chocolate, toffee, bananas, orange peel and sweet spices.

Kilde: GlenAllachie

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