Wolfburn Small Batch 375

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Dette er den tredie small-batch aftapning fra Wolfburn. Der kommer 5500 flasker fra disse fade aftappet ved 46% alc.
Small Batch 375 har ligget på first-fill bourbon barrels og second-fill oloroso sherry hogsheads der lavet i halv størrelse, på ca. 100 liter.

Noter (Wolfburn):

On the nose sherry sweetness mingles with aromas of heather honey and apple blossom.  

On the palate its complexity shows itself: at first sweet and creamy, then soft bourbon notes begin to shine through.  Hints of oak and vanillin are present throughout and as the oaky flavours subside autumn fruits come to the fore: dried apple, gooseberries and maple syrup are all here.  
The finish lingers, with the honey tones present until the very end.  It is a truly beautiful dram.

Næste Small Batch fra Wolburn skulle komme i 2020

Kilde: Wolfburn