Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2011

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Bruichladdich kommer nu med deres 2011 Islay Barley aftapning. Som navnet antyder så er denne aftapning fra 2011 produceret udelukkende på maltbyg fra Islay. Byggen kommer fra flere forskellige landbrug på Islay af sorterne Publican og Oxbridge varianterne.
2011 Islay Barley er unpeated og har ligget på 75% first fill american casks. De resterende 25% fade er vinfade der har været brugt til Vin Doux Naturel i syd frankrig og fade der tidligere har været brugt til søde vine fra Frankrig og Østrig.

Aftappet ved 50% alc.

Noter (Bruichladdich):

Character – A sweet spot in the maturation of an incredible whisky. A chance to see the elements at work as the young spirit showing green fruits, apple, pear and gooseberry transitions to peach, apricot and mango with the influence of time. The careful selection of casks holds this moment perfectly in balance as their contribution to the ageing of the spirit brings oak depth, vanilla and coconut sweetness and lemon/grapefruit zest without overpowering the sweetness of the malt or the profound cereal notes that come from the Islay grown barley. The structure is firm, the texture luxurious, carrying the DNA of this island.

Colour – Fresh Cut Straw.

Nose – From the outset this is overtly floral and fruity. Slow distillation yet again brings out the best from the Islay grown Barley, the abundance of soft fruit notes and delicate floral style of this dram is shared with our past Islay grown releases. Typical Bruichladdich style fruit notes of crisp apple and ripe pear along with peach and dried apricot are further enhanced with lemon drops, grapefruit and orange zest. There is a vast array of flavour rising from this whisky as it opens further. The oak and cereal components come through after the fruit, pipe tobacco and vanilla notes mingle with barley sugar and caramel wafers, as ever a distinct marine tang hangs in the air.

Finish – The finish is about the fruit, dried apricot from the oak and lemon, kiwi and caramel wafer. A warm sand, marine note lingers as the Islay maturation tells its part of the story. As this whisky lingers on the palate it puts you in mind of the construction and structure to its form. Each element, distillation, time, cask and barley have a clear influence yet not one dominates another as this whisky reaches a crossroads in its development. This vintage is at the perfect stage to appreciate all that it is as it lays bare its DNA, its philosophy and its quality.

Kilde: Bruichladdich