Benromach Cask No. 1

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I forbindelse med at det er 20 år siden at Benromach startede op igen, har de aftappet Cask No. 1
Cask No. 1 der er aftappet ved 60,1% alc. blev destilleret i 1998 og aftappet i år i en alder af 20 år.
Der er kommet 575 flasker ud af dette fad.

Aftapningen kan købes på Benromach Distillery Visitor Centre eller ved at kontakte Beromach.

Noter (Benromach):

Pour your dram of Benromach cask  No.1 and prepare your senses to encounter an experience as rare as this gorgeous whisky. First lift your glass to the light and appreciate the beautiful deep golden hue created by lingering for many years in a single First Fill Sherry Butt as the whisky grew and matured in character. Take a short inhalation, appreciating the wonderful aromas without water… enjoy the rich notes of stewed raisin and plum, mingling with sweet vanilla, milk chocolate, cinnamon and clove. Traces of sweet fudge and zingy orange peel develop with lingering roasted hazelnut.

Now take a sip.... Deliciously sweet and creamy notes with a hint of cracked black pepper develop on the tongue. Tangy orange marmalade, smooth chocolate and roasted coffee bean complement hints of rich fruits and warm spices, leading to charred oak on the finish. Add a few drops of water and take time to enjoy the nose as it develops… top notes of sweet vanilla and butterscotch aromas mingle with raisin and hints of lemongrass. Now lift it to your lips and enjoy a slow sip… a creamy sweetness combining with milk chocolate, baked apple and cinnamon immediately emerges followed by traces of citrus peel. Succulent blackberries and stewed damson plum lead to a hint of roasted hazelnut and charred oak on the finish.

Kilde: Benromach

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