Old Pulteney refreshed core collection

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Ud over standard 12 års aftapning som Old Pulteney har kørt med en del år, så kommer der tre nye aftapninger. Huddart hedder den ene af de nye aftapninger, så kommer der en 15 års og en 18 års aftapning. Huddart er en peated aftapning fra Old Pulteney.

Disse fire aftapninger er tilgængelig fra i dag den 14. august i UK hos udvalgte forhandlere. Aftapninger vil blive tilgængelig til det resterende marked senere.

Noter 12 yo (Old Pulteney):

Appearance: Deep amber, red golden (with a slight pink hue) sparkling with a copper glow.

Aroma: Medium to high intensity with a briny hint of sea air.

Taste: Dry, medium bodied and smooth, redolent of honey and cream, faintly salty with a slight spicy note and a sweet long-lasting finish.

Aftappet ved 40%
Pris: £28

Noter Huddart (Old Pulteney):

Appearance: Rich gold

Aroma: Rich and warming. Brimming initially with mellow wood smoke, honey and oily leather, blooming later into crisp green apple. Creamy vanilla and a hint of burnt toffee in the background.

Taste: Freshly-ground spices and soft vanilla balance the notes of smoke and peat fire. There are both richly sweet and distinctly salty coastal flavours in the background, together reminiscent of salted caramel.

Aftappet ved 46%
Pris: ukendt

Noter 15 yo (Old Pulteney):

Appearance: Rich amber

Aroma: Intense yet balanced. Bursting with rich dried fruit, ripe apples and citrus, with honey sweetness and a generous chord of creamy vanilla. Slightly chocolaty and floral in the background.

Taste: Fragrant spices and Christmas cake, with layers of chocolate and a distinct dark toffee sweetness. There is a hint of salty sea air on the finish, a clear connection to the influence of the sea on this single malt.

Aftappet ved 46%
Pris: ukendt

Noter 18 yo (Old Pulteney):

Appearance: Deep amber

Aroma: Intense and warming. Indulgent chocolate and creamy vanilla, with rich honey sweetness tempered by vibrant spices. A whisper of flowery fruitiness yields to crisp bursts of citrus and apple.

Taste: Chocolaty indulgence layered with honeyed spices and Christmas cake. Floral notes lend a dash of finesse, while zesty hints of citrus and green apple enliven a lovely long finish.


Kilde: Old Pulteney

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