Little Book Chapter 2: Noe Simple Task

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Little Book Chapter 2 er skabt af Freddie Noe og er en blend af Canadisk og Kentucky whiskeys.
Det tog Freddie 34 forsøg inden han ramte de noter han søgte og Chapter 2 er en realitet.

Navnet Little Book kommer af Freddies bestefar der hed Booker og havde øgenavnet Book.

"The road to Noe Simple Task started when I visited our Canadian distilleries in early 2017. I enjoy travelling to different places in the world to see how they distill their spirits. There, I was able to taste some great Canadian whisky straight out of the barrel. I was really drawn to the fruit and floral notes they achieve. I wanted to know more.

Now, while the flavors of the Canadian whisky had piqued my interest, my heart still lies in Kentucky. So I was excited about the idea of bringing the best of both worlds together. Knowing I wanted to blend with Kentucky Straight Rye, I started experimenting with different Canadian whiskies, trying to pull in those fruity and floral notes. They use a lot of different barrels to age up there, so I was able to play around with a lot of different flavors. I was looking for something that would round out the blend and really showcase the nuances of both the American and Canadian whiskies. In the end, I found the 40-year-old whisky and 13-year-old rye helped me achieve exactly what I wanted—a truly balanced and refined whiskey with a nice, lingering finish that’s full of flavor."

Chapter 2 består af følgende:
8-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey
40-Year-Old Canadian Whisky
13-Year-Old Canadian Rye Whisky

Noter (Little Book):
Color: Golden Amber

Aroma: Caramel with soft spice and dried fruit notes

Taste: Full bodied blend of seasoned Oak, spice and vanilla notes with hints of cinnamon

Finish: Slightly lingering with a warm spice finish


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