Glenmorangie Cadboll

"Cadboll is named after the Cadboll cup, a precious 16th century silver wine cup owned by the MacLeods of Cadboll, who created Glenmorangie House. The finishing barriques were chosen to echo the wines the Cadboll cup may once have held."

Glenmorangie Cadboll er en no-age-statement single malt whisky der har ligget på ex-bourbon fade og afsluttet på barriques hvor der tidligere har været Muscat og Sémillon vine.

Dr Bill Lumsden udtaler: ‘[Cadboll’s] aromas of baked bread and toasted brioche remind me of France’. ‘It is delightfully smooth and sweet on the palate, with tastes of mint humbugs, milky toffee and a long finish, full of old-fashioned confectionery.’

Cadboll er aftappet ved 43% alc og er prissat til £75


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