3 gamle Bruichladdich aftapninger

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Der kommer nu tre aftapninger fra Bruichladdich fra hendholdsvis 1984, 1985 og 1986.

Bruichladdich 1984 / 32
Bourbon: All In
Bruichladdich 1984 / 32 Bourbon cask edition
Bruichladdich head distiller Adam Hannett mener at gammel Bruichladdich fra Bourbon fade er det bedste man få fra Bruichladdich. "The fruit, the faint salt tang, the signature elegance is all there but there is now layer upon layer of vanilla/butterscotch complexity."

I 2008 fyldte dengang master distiller Jim McEwan en række fade over i fresh bourbon fade. "This dram comes from the very last 12 casks of the 1984 legacy distillation, poignantly filled on 31st December of that year."

Der kommer 3000 flasker af denne aftapning fra 1984 hvor der ikke er tilsat farve eller er kold filtreret of aftappet ved fadstyke på 43,7% alc.

Noter (Bruichladdich)

Gorgeous. Classic old school Bruichladdich. Coconut, warm Muscovado sugar, vanilla custard, grapefruit, mango, baked ginger biscuits, marzipan. After a while notes of date syrup and sultana.

Soft and gentle texture, a delicate dram. Crème brulee, buttercup and orange zest. Gently warming the palate, it opens to reveal a touch of leather, toasted oak and praline. Sweet citrus and mango come through later.

So gentle but a lovely finish of warm scones and dried fruit, candied orange, lemon peel and apricot jam.

Bruichladdich 1985 / 32
Bourbon: Hidden Glory
Bruichladdich 1985 / 32 Bourbon cask edition
32 år er denne aftapning. "This dram comes from the final 22 casks of the legacy stock distilled back in 1985 by a previous generation of Bruichladdich stillmen."

Denne whisky var oprindelig fyldt på third fill Bourbon casks i warehouse 14 indtil 2012. Master distiller fra dengang, Jim McEwan re-casked disse over i fresh bourbon fade. "Now in 2017 the final coup de grace is a tantalising nuance in French oak from one of the greatest French Chateaux."

Det er der kommet 4200 flasker ud af fra 1985 hvor der ikke er tilsat farve eller er kold filtreret of aftappet ved fadstyke på 48,7%

Noter (Bruichladdich)

An amazing array of notes. Blood orange, nectarines, banana bread, desiccated coconut, vanilla custard, then more floral and nutty tones, geranium, marzipan, walnut, heather honey.

Tremendous presence on the palate, the texture is wondrously soft and syrupy. The short ACE in the wine casks has given a warm, nutmeg hint and a layer of fruity notes, raspberry, blackcurrant jam and ripe plum, all perfectly balanced by years in American oak – cinder toffee, lemon meringue and coconut - bounty bar sweet. It opens continually to reveal layer upon layer of complexity.

Long and gentle, the oak influence is strong with waves of soft vanilla wafer, toffee and sandalwood. Then lemon barley sugars, a hint of salted caramel and apricot syrup.

Bruichladdich 1986 / 30
Sherry: The Magnificent Seven
Bruichladdich 1986 / 30 Sherry cask edition

Denne aftapning består af de sidste 7 fade fra 1986.
"This is our elegant, floral Bruichladdich with intense, full-term sherry maturation." Fyldt på Oloroso butts i 1986 indtil 2012 hvor dengang Master Distiller Jim McEwan valgte at flytte denne 26 år gamle whisky over på Pedro Ximinez butts fra winemaker Jan Pettersen fra bodega Fernando de Castilla.

4200 flasker er der kommet af dette, hvor der ikke er tilsat farve eller er kold filtreret of aftappet ved fadstyke på 44,6% alc.

Noter (Bruichladdich)
Dried fruit - raisins, fig syrup, prunes and Christmas cake. Muscovado sugar, a hint of hot sand and candied peel, dried tea leaves, pipe tobacco and leather rolled in PX.

The aroma is truly astounding. On the palate the experience raises the bar still further with sweet PX notes, raisins, dried figs, dates, grape sugar. Leather, cigar boxes and Christmas cake. Everything a Sherry matured whisky should be and more. The complexity and balance is retained as the marine freshness and fruity notes of apricot and apple come through from the Bruichladdich DNA.

Never-ending. Sweet fruit, PX, salted caramel, cinder toffee and a hint of smoke.

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