Loch Lomond 50 år

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60 flasker er der kommet af det ældste som Loch Lomond har aftappet indtil nu.
Blev destilleret i 1967 og nu aftappet ved 46,2%

Loch Lomond 50 har først ligget på American oak hogshead og herefter flyttet over på European oak hogshead hos Loch Lomond Distillery i Alexandria.

Master Blender, Michael Henry hos Loch Lomond siger: “The expectations are high when you are working with a whisky as special and scarce as this and it came with great responsibility, but selecting and perfecting this single malt was a true honour. Our stills are synonymous with the fruity notes they give to the whisky. The Loch Lomond 50 Year Old has been granted the time to truly concentrate that character, resulting in a rich, tropical fruit flavour.”

Colin Matthews, CEO of Loch Lomond Group, udtaler: “For 50 years the Loch Lomond Distillery has been one of Scotland’s best kept secrets. With the launch of the 50 Year Old single malt, we are putting Loch Lomond firmly on the Scotch whisky map and we are proud to become one of a very select few distilleries in the world which have released a 50 year old whisky.”

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The Loch Lomond 50 Year Old limited edition kommer til at koste £12000 pr. flakse og vil kunne købes hos udvalgte forretninger fra december 2017

Kilde: http://www.lochlomondwhiskies.com

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