Teeling Brabazon Bottling, Series 2.

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"The Brabazon Bottling Single Malt Series focuses on creating a full flavoured taste experience that pays homage to the unique and distinct role that fortified wines can have on Irish whiskey. This second release focuses on the maturation effect of ex-Port casks on Irish Single Malt. By choosing a complementary range of vintages, sizes and styles of Port cask matured and finished Single Malt whiskey, the Brabazon Series No. 2 captures all the unique flavour and character Port casks can impart."

Som Brabazon Bottling, Series 1, er Series 2 aftappet ved 49.5% og er ikke koldfiltreret. Der kommer 12500 flasker af denne aftapning.

Jack Teeling, Founder and Managing Director of Teeling Whiskey, siger: “Our aim with our Brabazon Bottling Series is to create full bodied tasting experiences for people who enjoy the added complexity and taste that fortified wine maturation imparts. At the same time, our new bottling continues our goal to expand the spectrum of flavours available from premium Irish whiskeys. The response to our first release exceeded our expectations so we are very excited to see the reaction to our Series 2 Port Cask Bottling.”

Prisen er ca. £78. Aftapningen ser ikke ud til at komme til Danmark på nuværende tidspunkt.

Kilde: Teeling whiskey

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