Old Pulteney 25

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Old Pulteney kommer nu med en 25 års aftapning hvor fadene har ligget i warehouse tæt ved havet i Wick

Old Pulteney 25 har ligget i de første 22 år på ex-bourbon American oak barrels og de sidste 3 år på ex-oloroso Spanish oak butts

"With a glimmering bronze colour, Old Pulteney 25 Year Old contains mature and fragrant flavour notes. The expression opens with heavy spices and dark chocolate which effortlessly lead to rum-soaked raisins and lime honey, punctuated with clean notes of orange peel and baked apples.

The flavour is firmly anchored in bitter chocolate and creamy vanilla with hints of toffee sweetness and crisp overtones of fresh lemon and coconut. The finish is long and spicy with a glimpse of dried fruit cake and exotic wood, ensuring each dram reflects its expert craftsmanship with a rich and satisfying taste."

Kilde: Old Pultney

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Forventet pris ca. £300 pr flaske.