Springbank 14yo Bourbon Wood

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Springbank er kommet en 14 års Bourbon Wood aftapning.

Der kommer 9000 flasker af denne aftapning på 55,8% alc. til en pris af ca. £55

Det er ikke første gang Springbank kommer med en Bourbon wood aftapning. Der har tidligere været en 12 år Bourbon wood fra 1991 på 56,5% alc. og en 14 års aftapning til Society medlemmer

Noter (Springbank):

Nose: This unique Campbeltown Malt starts off with cream, vanilla extract and yogurt. Salted popcorn, toffee and marshmallows follow the ever present creaminess. American cream soda, sugar doughnuts, with a heathery influence.

Palate: Yogurt and thick cream continue from the nose with an introduction of honey, syrup and liquorice. Gentle notes and sweet apples, almonds and dried bananas. A light dusting of icing sugar and lemon zest.

Finish: A touch of smoke and dry peat builds with a gentle sea breeze from Campbeltown Loch. Briny and light mineral flavours complete this excellent dram.

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