Dalmore 50

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The Dalmore frigiver nu en 50 års single malt.

The Dalmore 50 er afsluttet i Domaine Henri Giraud champagne fade og er en hyldest til Master Distiller Richard Paterson’s 50 år i whisky industrien.

Der kommer i alt 50 dekanter af denne aftapning, som har ligget på American white oak, Matusalem oloroso sherry casks fra Gonzalez Byass Bodega og port Colheita pipes fra Douro region i  Portugal. Til sidst er det så blevet overført i 50 dage på champagne casks fra Domaine Henri Giraud.

Paterson did not select the champagne cask by chance. Considered to be one of the region’s hidden gems, Domaine Henri Giraud family estate is regularly lauded by experts from around the globe and is one of the only champagne houses to still mature their wines in casks. The casks selected have a unique intensity and aromatic complexity, giving Paterson the final flourish of wood needed to create this exceptional expression.

Richard Paterson, Master Distiller hos The Dalmore udtaler: “This is a special year for me so I chose to finesse this whisky in a champagne cask, as this magnificent drink is synonymous with celebratory occasions.

“Bringing the champagne together with Matusalem oloroso sherry and port is perhaps the greatest example to date of our ability to innovate in both maturation and cask finishing while preserving the signature flavours of The Dalmore.

“This whisky is exceptional, as are the luxurious and sophisticated finishes applied by the craftsmen at Domaine Henri Giraud, Baccarat, Linley and Hamilton & Inches. They are true masters of their art  and it is a pleasure to have worked with them to bring the 50 year old to life in such a magnificent way.”   

Journey of The Dalmore 50 Year Old

    1966: The Dalmore new make spirit began its journey in American white oak exBourbon casks
    2003: The maturing whisky is transferred to Matusalem oloroso sherry casks
    2012: The whisky is transferred to Port Colheita pipes
    2016: In January of this year, the spirit was transferred to Bourbon barrels as it reached its desired taste profile, prior to finessing.
    November 2016:  The whisky was finessed in Domaine Henri Giraud Champagne casks for 50 days before bottling.

The Dalmore 50 er aftappet ved 40% alc.

Noter (Dalmore):
Aroma: Caramelised orange segments, vanilla pods and sweet sultanas
Palate: Tangy thick cut marmalade, roasted coffee and moist chocolate cake
Finish: Crushed almonds, black morello cherries and soft liquorice

Press release: http://www.multivu.com/players/uk/8016351-the-dalmore-50-single-malt-richard-paterson/
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