Tamdhu Batch Strength No. 002

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Den 23. november kom Tamdhu med Batch Strength No. 002. Denne har kun ligget på sherry fade og er aftappet ved fadstyrke på 58,5% alc.

Iain Weir, Marketing Director for Ian Macleod Distillers, udtaler: “Since its initial launch last year, our Batch Strength expression has been an extremely popular addition to the Tamdhu range, winning a number of high-profile industry awards.

“We are incredibly proud to now launch the second edition of our Batch Strength which continues to be the malt of choice for whisky connoisseurs. It is the closest you’ll get to sampling a dram of whisky straight from a Tamdhu cask!”

Noter (Tamdhu):

Nose:  Warming golden syrup, brown bread with peanut butter, cinnamon, white pepper and cocktail cherries.
Palate:  Mouth coating sherry oak, lightly heated berries and creamy vanilla - adding water brings out cookie dough, gentle spice and fresh fruit.
Finish: Spicy notes continue long into the finish with dried fruits, hazelnut and vanilla.

Kilde: http://www.tamdhu.com

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