The Balvenie DCS Compendium Chapter Two.

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William Grant & Sons er nu kommet med Balvenie DCS Compendium Chapter Two.

‘The Influence of Oak’ er titlen og har fokus på fad lagering.
Første Compendium kom i oktober 2015 som var en hyldest til malt master, David Stewart MBE.

Der kommer i alt 25 aftapninger fordelt på fem forskellige "chapters" med hver deres 5 forskellige aftapninger. Disse "chapters" kommer inden for en 5 årig periode, dvs. at sidste "chapter" må komme i 2019.

Hver whisky i Chapter Two er valgt ud af forskellig cask style – European oak Oloroso sherry butts, first fill American oak Bourbon barrels, European oak port puncheon og European oak Pedro Ximénez sherry butt i alderen fra 15 til 44 år.

Stewart udtaler: “I’m very lucky to have been trusted to experiment with different cask finishes and even try out my own techniques to see how they effect the distinctive honeyed characteristics of The Balvenie. Understanding how the oak and the previous spirit, or fortified wine held by the cask influences the whisky is a very important part of my job."

“This chapter highlights the complexity of flavours each expression takes from wood. I love the results from the older Oloroso sherry butt, which has produced a whisky with a fantastic floral and fruity nose, followed by a wonderful honeyed sweetness. The whisky taken from the 2001 Pedro Ximénez sherry butt is unusual, it shows The Balvenie as a near liqueur with toffee sweetness and a touch of spicy ginger.”

1972, 43 år, European oak Oloroso sherry butt, 31. oktober 1972, 52.4%
1990, 25 år, European oak Oloroso sherry butt, 3. oktober 1990, 59.6%
1990, 26 år, first fill American oak Bourbon barrel, 1. maj 1990, 52.9%
1997, 19 år, European oak port puncheon, 6. august 1997, 61.8%
2001, 15 år, European oak Pedro Ximénez sherry butt, 25. april 2001, 62.3%

Omkring aftapningen der er lagt på fad i 1972 siger Steward: ”it’s smooth and rich, this whisky doesn’t need any water – it has notes of pineapple juice, soft vanilla and honey”.

Den 25 års fra 1990 beskrives som: “rich and deep with elegant oaky notes”, while on the palate it’s “velvety smooth”. Stewart tilføjer: “A lot of people love this style of whisky, it’s a lovely complex whisky – similar to the 15-year-old”

Prisen for The Balvenie DCS Compendium Chapter Two er: £20000

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